YES, We still have time to make you a cover for this year 2017

                                        If it’s protection your looking for “We got you covered” 

  • Welcome to Fairclough Sailmakers Inc.

    Safeguarding your boat investment.

    Whether your boat is stored in or out of the water, no other boat cover shields it so effectively from ice and snow, sea, salt, and the effects of pollution than our marine canvas boat covers. Fairclough boat covers prevent costly repairs due to fading Gelcoat or damaged brightwork, while adding years of life and enjoyment.


    Top Quality Craftsmanship —

    the latest marine canvas materials & the ability to do it yourself…

    • For almost 75 years, Fairclough Sailmakers has been a family-owned company, dedicated to making the finest cruising sails and custom marine canvas for boat owners. Through continued innovation and improvement, we’ve developed the finest winter storage products available today — Fairclough Custom Boat Frames and Covers. As the originators of this system, we’ve often been copied, but for protection, beauty, workmanship and long-lasting value, we’ve never been duplicated.
    • The highest quality construction and materials go into every Fairclough project.
    • Our boat covers can be adapted to accommodate mast and rigging as well as dock-lines and fenders.  We have the boomtent system for the perfect fit for your prized vessel.We can cover powerboats and sailboats . Contact us for availability on your style boat.