Scheduling your Winter Boat Cover Installation

Allow for a minimum of 2 weeks delay due to potential weather complications. We do not pre-schedule installations in the fall due to the high volume of work with a limited install window. It is important to remove snow in-between snowfalls to prevent damage. Please note that your winter cover is designed for winter use. We are not responsible for winter covers left on year-round or for storm / snow damage. Thank you. 

Please make sure your boat is ready and follow the instructions below: 

Winter Cover Installation Form
Boat is hauled or in its winter slip, with the sails removed, and winterized
We cannot preschedule your cover installation until your boat is hauled or in its winter slip with the sails removed, and winterized. Please complete the above before scheduling your installation.





Is the mast stepped or unstepped?
How is your boat stored?
Items that must be removed: Bimini frames, outboard motors, MOB and grills. NO ladders locked in the upright position. Lazy jacks must be loosened and pulled to the mast. If these items are not removed they could cause a wasted trip and an additional cost to you. Are these items all removed?
Have you changed your winter location from last year or changed boat name?

Please go to Google Earth and find your boat yard using the search feature and follow these instructions:

Step 1. Find your boat in Google Earth

Step 2. Pin the location of the boat

3. Save the project as a New KML file

4. Add your boat name in the New Project Title field

boat cover Screenshot-final-step

5. Take a screenshot of the page and upload the image in the field below.

Maximum file size: 268.44MB